Why Use Quik!?

Consider Us Your Forms Team

Most companies don’t have a forms team and would greatly benefit from having one. As your forms team we make sure your forms are easy to use, can be completed online, reduce data entry effort and errors, and result in streamlined operations. We do all that for a fraction of the price you'd spend doing in-house.

We Are Your Best Forms Team

Call us if your forms are:

  1. Repeatedly filled out (by users, clients, vendors, etc.)
  2. Required to look exactly and act like their paper versions
  3. Changing more than once per year in their design and purpose
  4. Too numerous or expensive to automate or convert to web-forms

Forms Automation Done Right

In the world of automating forms, there are only two basic choices: hire an expensive consulting firm to build a custom solution or buy a tool and build your own solution. It’s like building a home and only having the same two options: either you can afford to build a castle or you must go buy a hammer, nails and some wood and build your own home. Few people have the skill to build their own, so what are you to do?

You can rely on Quik!.
We are what general contractors are to the home building industry – we bring together the tools, technology and know-how to make forms automation inexpensive and very powerful.

How We "Take The Work Out of Paperwork"™

Service Oriented Approach To Forms

Our team will take your existing forms and convert them to Quik! Forms: fillable, interactive, secure and signable e-forms. That means all you have to do is make your forms available to your users - we'll maintain them and make sure they keep working within your business.

Deliver Quik! Forms:

  • From your websites (both internal and external facing)
  • From your workflow and business processes
  • From your custom software and apps (e.g. iPad, Android, etc.)
  • From any electronic channel (e.g. email, social media, etc.)

We provide you with a service to keep your forms updated and useable, plus a set of technologies to deliver forms to your users at the exact point and time when they need them, and on any device.

Quik! converts any form, application, contract or document into an HTML form that's an integral part of your streamlined process to collect and transmit data within your business.

Are you a business that relies on forms being filled out? Then we should be partners.

Contact us to schedule an idea meeting.