The Technical Details

Technical FAQs

For the really technical folks amongst us who want answers to some key questions, here’s our most frequently asked technical questions about our Quik! Forms Engine (Enterprise Forms Automation solution).

What programming environments does Quik! support?

Quik! can be implemented in two flavors: a .NET DLL component or a SOAP-based web service. .NET is ideal for Microsoft-based implementations and the web service is ideal for any platform including Microsoft, iOS, Android and more.

What operating systems and browsers does the Quik! HTML form viewer work on?

The HTML form generated by Quik! software runs on all current and up-to-date HTML-5 browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) and is backwards compatible to HTML-4 browsers including Internet Explorer version 8.0. That means you can do everything a form is supposed to do on Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and any operating system that uses a modern browser.

Supported Platforms, Operating Systems and Browsers

What dependencies do Quik! HTML forms have?

No external dependencies are required to run Quik! HTML forms in the browser. While Quik!’s HTML forms use Javascript libraries including iScroll and JQuery, the use of these components is both configurable and optional. If using the print feature of the form, then a PDF viewer will be needed to view the printable PDF.

What is Quik!’s uptime and service level promise?

All Quik! services and forms hosting is done with Amazon Web Services , which is a top-tier provider of hosting, data centers, internet availability and data durability. As a result of Amazon’s high quality of service, Quik! has a history of 99.99% uptime, zero data loss or breaches, and the fastest delivery speeds of any web-based service.

Does Quik! need it’s own hardware or servers to run?

Not at all. Quik! is incredibly efficient, light-weight and fast. Your existing infrastructure will not be adversely affected or slowed down by using Quik!, which means no upgrades are required to implement Quik! within your environment.

How long does it take to implement Quik!?

You’ll find Quik! to be relatively fast to implement compared to other solutions. Forms are built within 10 business days or faster, and the Quik! Forms Engine can be implemented in just days. We also have turnkey solutons that are available immediately, including a simplified Form Hosting service.

How are forms delivered to Quik!?

Customers have lots of choices for how to deliver forms to us. Forms can be uploaded via our proprietary Quik! Forms Manager website, emailed to our forms team, shared via a file sharing service, delivered on physical media or whatever method is easiest for the customer. Additionally, we have agreements with all the companies that host their forms on Quik! to ensure we always have the latest version in stock.

Does Quik! manage or store client data?

No. Unlike most cloud-based services (including LaserApp Anywhere), Quik! empowers customers to always be in control and own the data on their forms. The Quik! design is uniquely built to keep users on your domain, within your user experience and within your security methods. The only time Quik! can possibly access your client data is when a user clicks to print or sign a form and the data is encrypted and temporarily sent to a Quik! web service to convert the form into a PDF – no data is ever written to disk or stored by Quik! in any manner.

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