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Choose any or all of our services to automate your forms. Whether you just need your forms built and hosted, to delivering forms to all your users, to prefilling forms from a client data source for a individual user, get Quik!


per page
  • $20 per fillable page
  • Customizations available
  • 10-Days or Less build time
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$5 to $10
per form
  • 1 to 5 Forms $10 per month
  • Lower Pricing for more forms
  • Permanent Links never expire


per advisor
  • Unlimited users for free
  • Connected to over 25 CRMs
  • Go Mobile with online forms


  • Usage-Based pricing
  • Turnkey web application
  • Web Service and API driven
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Comparison: Quik! vs. LaserApp

Compare Quik! To LaserApp

Although LaserApp is not the only competitor to Quik! it is a good representation of how companies who provide forms automation do things in a way that result in over-priced, inflexible and costly-to-maintain systems.

The difference lies in how Quik! is designed specifically to be flexible and low-cost, taking into account how customers want to work, control their data and deploy solutions that dynamically match their ever-changing environment.

Quik! Costs Less and Does More!

Plus... Quik! costs less than LaserApp and does way more than LaserApp can. Why overpay for forms automation when you form could be Quik!?

End-User Comparison


Enterprise Comparison


Comparison: Quik! HTML Forms vs. Adobe PDF Forms

Compare Quik! HTML To Adobe PDF Forms

PDF may be the defacto standard for sharing, viewing and printing documents but it is far from the standard for forms automation. Forms built in PDF technology are severely limited. The problems with PDF start with:

  • PDF forms only work on a Microsoft Windows PC - no iPad, no Android, no Macs
  • Forms in PDF format are costly to maintain and automate
  • A PDF reader is required to view and work on PDF forms
  • Duplicate forms cannot be bundled together in PDF with different data
  • Extracting form data from PDFs is cumbersome and difficult
  • PDF forms are rigid and inflexible, causing high maintenance costs

Quik! IS the Replacement For PDF Forms

The reason most forms remain in PDF format is because of the cost to convert them to HTML and then maintain them in HTML. Quik! is different - we're a service that converts your PDF to HTMl automatically. Quik! HTML forms are specifically designed to work in common HTML browsers on all devices. That means now you can keep your existing form design AND use them online for very little cost.

HTML vs. PDF Comparison


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