Form Building Services

We Are Your Forms Team

Let us do the heavy lifting. Give us your forms and we’ll make them fillable, interactive, secure, e-signable and accessible via PDF and HTML for far less money than you can do it yourself.

  1. Deliver your forms to Quik! (PDF or most other formats) via email or upload directly to our website
  2. We build your form to our standard and puts it through a rigorous test cycle
  3. Publish your form – either you can push the PUBLISH button or we’ll do it for you
  4. Use your form anywhere- your published form is available for use wherever you’ve deployed it (web, apps, software, customer solutions, etc.)
Quik! Form Building Service Converts PDF to HTML
  • Quik! Form Building Service
  • Fast Turnaround Time (1 to 10 days)
  • Low Cost at Only $20 / Page
  • Get Forms That Work!
Quik! makes every form fillable, interactive, secure and signable all within a web browser.

Pricing & Features


Our pricing includes building each page in your form to our standard level of automation (fillable, interactive, secure and signable). Our standard build fee covers each build of the form. The average form is rebuilt every 6 months or twice per year. If you prefer a flat-rate, predictable monthly price, see our contact us for options.

Standard Build Fee (10 days): $20 per fillable page, minimum 1 page per form.
Includes building forms to our standard field definition to be fillable, interactive, secure and signable.

Optional Add-Ons

Rush Fee (2-5 days): $10 per fillable page

Same-Day Fee (1 day): $20 per fillable page

Customizations: $10 per fillable page

Premium Build Fee (10 days): $30 per fillable page, minimum 1 page per form.
Includes the Standard Build plus customized fields to ensure the highest level of integration.

Optional Add-Ons

Rush Fee (2-5 days): $10 per fillable page

Same-Day Fee (1 day): $20 per fillable page

Customizations: $10 per fillable page

Features & Benefits

Quik! Form Build Service saves you time, money and ensures all your forms work the same way.

  • Save Training Costs
    Instead of training someone on your team how to build forms, our professional team will do it better, faster and cheaper.
  • Users Prefer Online Forms
    If your doctor gives you the choice to fill out forms online or to sit with a clipboard and pen, which would you choose? (HINT: Choose Quik!)
  • Share Your Forms
    Online forms are easier to share, send to others and complete. Add your links to an email. Invite users to your website. Include links in your software.
  • Reliable & Consistent
    Every Quik! form is built to an exact standard to ensure they work on every device, every time.
  • Control Your Forms
    Quik! puts you in control - restrict links to only work on your domain and subdomains.
  • Do More with Forms
    Quik! Forms are fillable, interactive, secure, saveable to PDF, e-signable, submitable and more. We make your forms work for you.
  • Save Time
    Imagine never having to update your website again when a form is changed. With dynamic form links your website will always displays the latest form version.
  • Go Mobile
    Quik! forms work on any device including PCs, Macs, iPads, Androids, Linux and more. PDF forms only work on PCs - why limit yourself to PDF?
  • Customize
    Add your company logo to your forms to give users comfort and familiarity when they're filling out your forms.
  • Sign with DocuSign
    Our DocuSign integration can be turned on for your forms so users can fill out, sign and automatically send you forms!

The Forms Build Cycle

1. Send Your Forms To Quik!

There are numerous ways that Quik! gets your forms including direct upload, web services, file sharing and manual procurement. We accept forms in virtually any format though the best format is PDF because it is print perfect.

2. Quik! Forms Manager and The Form Build Cycle

Every form is loaded into the website where you can login and view the build process, access reports and communicate with our build team. The build cycle takes the form through a rigorous, high-quality process that ensures every form is correct, accurately built and meets our stringent requirements.

3. Test, Review and Publish Your Forms

Once a form is built, it stops in "FINAL" status awaiting to be published by either you or by our team, if you prefer. This is a chance to test the form prior to hit going into production and to resolve any issues.

4. Forms Display In PDF & HTML

When published the form is automatically rendered into both PDF and HTML formats. This process to convert your original PDF to HTML is critical becuase Quik! is only managing one master version of your form but displaying it in two separate formats simultaneously, which eliminates the risk of version management or bad data between versions.

Contact us to get started.

All your forms could be ready in 10 days, so let's go!