Customer Showcase

Case Study: Fidelity & Guaranty Life

Fidelity & Guaranty Life is an insurance and annuity provider who needed a better way to serve forms from their website. Prior to Quik!, they listed PDF forms on their website for customers to download and print. Now, with Quik!, forms are available via a wizard-based approach and as HTML forms that work on any device. Using Quik! has saved Fidelity both time and money while enhancing the way advisors and investors open new accounts.

Paul Tyler, Senior VP at Fidelity & Guaranty Life said, "This is unbelievable how well your system works!"

Case Study: NFP Advisor Services

NFP Advisor Services employs over 1,500 financial advisors in America who all fill out a ton of paperwork. By using Quik! for over 10 years, NFP has seen their operating costs drop, profits rise, an increase in advisor retention and the speed of doing business improve every year. In fact, their NIGO rate – the number of transactions that are “Not In Good Order” and must be revised or rejected – has consistently dropped by using Quik!.

Steve Frampton, VP of Technology, said, "A big part of our value proposition is forms. It’s a really, really, really big deal! NIGO rates have dropped every year we have worked together."

Case Study: Infinex Financial Group

Infinex Financial Group had a new project to upgrade their forms automation services and to get it done exceptionally fast. With a tight deadline and budgets looming they reached out to Quik! for help to streamline their forms automation process. By leveraging Quik!’s easy-to-use interface, and consistent forms model, they were able to meet their deadline on time and with ease.

Anthony Santaniello, Chief Technology Officer, said, "We would have not been able to finish our project in such a short time if it wasn’t for your fast and responsive support team! Plus, your solution was so straight forward and easy to manage, what we thought would take days only took hours. Thank You Very Much!!"

Types of Customers

  • Paper-Intensive Companies
    Companies whose employees, vendors or customers repetitively fill out and use forms can greatly benefit from using Quik!. We make it easier to access, fill out, e-sign & submit paperwork on virtually any platform.
  • Financial Product Companies
    Hundreds of insurance, annuity, mutual fund, clearing firms, banks and many types of financial service companies host their forms with Quik! to make it easier for their customers and users access, prefill, submit and e-sign their forms online.
  • Software Developers
    We are more than partner-friendly, we empower other software companies to their best work and leave the paperwork to us. By adding Quik! to your software platform you can extend your offering to include any customer forms and add value, and revenue, to your offering.
  • Independent Professionals
    Tens of thousands of independent professionals use Quik! to automatically prefill their daily paperwork with data from their CRM. With access to a comprehensive library of financial service forms, Quik! saves the average advisor over $15,000 per year.
  • Administrative Personnel
    Administrative personnel are often asked to create, manage and distribute forms for a variety of reasons. Why not upgrade those forms by sending them to Quik! to be built, hosted and managed professionally? Quik! Forms are the ideal solution.
  • Outside Sales Forces
    Quik! is used by hundreds of companies who employ agents in the field (financial advisors, life insurance agents, sales reps, service reps, etc.) who must complete paperwork on a daily or weekly basis. Customers choose Quik! to make the process faster and easier.

Is Quik! Right For You?

Quik! is The Ideal Solution When:

  1. Traditional Forms Automation is Too Expensive
  2. Forms Must Retain Their Look and Feel
  3. A Large Library Of Forms Needs Automation
  4. Users Want Forms On Any Device (iOS, Android, Mac, PC)

Consider Your Options

If you're a Fortune 1000, maybe you can afford a multi-million-dollar, highly customized solution that does exactly what you want.

If you're not ready to spend millions, then the other traditional option is to buy a tool and take the do-it-yourself approach. But is that really your core competency?

We're the forms company and we operate like a service, not a tool. Forms is all we do and we do it better, faster and cheaper than anyone. Let us take care of your forms so you can do your best work!

Supported Platforms, Operating Systems and Browsers

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