Quik! by Efficient Technology Inc

Our Values

We believe everyone deserves to do their best work and the only people whose best work is forms is us!

Our company, Efficient Technology Inc, was founded on four core philosophies that guide how we serve customers, hire employees and build products:

  1. We enjoy what we do
  2. We design intuitive solutions
  3. We provide outstanding service.
  4. We do what we say we'll do.

The result of our culture is that we only have happy customers, happy employees, happy partners and excellent products that perform as expected. You can rely upon us to meet and exceed your needs.

Interesting Quik! Facts

Feb 11, 2002 - First Quik! install

Forms are built in 10 days or less, and often within 5 days.

Quik! Forms all work the same because they share the same Quik! Field Definition of 195,000+ fields

Quik! electronic forms are used so much that over 6 trees are saved from being printed every day of the year

Our CEO is the author of two books on Amazon.com

How Quik! Got Started

Our CEO, Richard Walker, left a successful career in technology to become a financial advisor in the year 2000 only to discover how inefficient it was to fill out forms by hand. Having earned the trust and respect of his clients, he immediately learned just how much paperwork had to be completed in order to open accounts and make money. With his background in technology he built his own forms automation tool and started turning in automated paperwork to his company. Much to his surprise everyone who saw his paperwork asked him how he did it. When he spoke of this “little software program” he wrote the response was always the same, “How do I get a copy of your software?!?”. After hearing that response countless times over six months he decided it was time to bring his software to market.

On February 11, 2002, the first customer installed and began using Quik!. That small financial advisory firm with 5 employees and over 1,000 clients was able to save nearly 40 hours per week of work almost over night!

It was that instant success that propelled Quik! forward into an enterprise forms automation solution used by countless people every day.